Michael Simonsen

Michael Simonsen is the founder CEO of real estate data and analytics firm, Altos Research. As the 2019-20 president of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) in San Francisco, Mike leads and grows with the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in the world. Mike’s first book, Hacking Happiness grew out of work he initially conducted with EO.

Hacking Happiness walks us through personal journeys that illustrate a universal human challenge: the quest to find deep joy in our lives and in our work. We all go through life’s phases of elation and depression – the question is, how can we emerge successfully on the other side? The latest technological and medical advances show us how we can manifest joy, confidence, strength, and creative energy at any given time – and demonstrate that these characteristics are in fact the emotional conditions that create success. 
 In Hacking Happiness, I’ll share my personal journey and the stories of countless others on this journey with me. My research combines the latest neuroscience and medical evidence with ancient wisdom and practical tools to define a new framework that is literally changing people’s lives.